Luxly designs for your brand, home, business, print, web or product applications.



Oak cabin table with wood-burned and hand-colored lake map.   Dog pack design with chest protection from mud and burrs.   Colorful hand-painted and etched glass gifts and dinnerware, displayed on custom, modular furnishings.  Work also included doing focus group research and developing  merchandising and assortment strategies. for hands-on art, concept design, custom graphics, technical and problem-solving product design, marketing strategies, trends and market research, brand development, web design, and surface patterns for commercial product applications.  Specializing in the home and hospitality markets.
Concept design for cell phone thigh holster, as a result of trends research and problem-solving design.   Botanical surface pattern collection for commercial product applications.  Image of designs applied to writing journals.   Silhouettes and coordinating patterns for a touch of nostalgia to home decoration.
Problem-solving designs with extensive research and product development in outerwear and gear for men, women and children.  Image is a fanny-pack towel roll and activity-friendly swimwear.   Custom bed utilizing mass-produced furniture components.   Print-to-order patterns on a diverse selection of products.  Image of music-inspired design on bag with quote,
Made-to-order surface pattern designs for commercial interiors.  Image depicts designs for application to a casino environment.   Licensed art and pattern collections for product applications.  Image of gifts wrapped in three designs from the "New Traditions" collection.   Branding services.  Image of truck wrap from a project that also included a strategic plan, logo, stationery, sales and marketing materials and promotional products.
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